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Paradiso B - 2002

Leo and Pedro are two friends living in the city of Independencia surviving by gambling and through other sordid activities Things change drastically and rapidly when Pedro's sister and Leo's former lover Gloria Leonor Varela from BLADE II and TV's ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT returns to town and when Pedro makes the mistake of crossing crime kingpin El Jefe Gloria and Leo rekindle their old love and … Continue

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Casino Movies

Here are some gambling movies that have to do with Casino.
How can you have a gambling movie without a casino? Casino's always figure prominently in gambling movies because... well that's where you gamble. Also, casino movies are guaranteed to be full of high energy and excitement too. And it doesn't hurt that the insides of casinos look great! Casino movies must be so much fun to film and act in. Just take the Ocean's 11 movies for example. The third installment of the new version of the movie is due to come out in 2008, and it should be a doozy! The original 1960 version with the Rat Pack is one of the all-time best casino movies that you're likely to see. So look through the list of casino movies below, and if you have any favorite casino gambling movies that aren't listed here, please , and I'll add them as soon as I can. Enjoy!
All For the Winner - 1990
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageA dead-on parody of the Hong Kong "gambler" genre, with Stephen Chow in comic mode as a paranormally gifted, feckless rural rube whose X-ray vision attracts the attention of rival casino families who want to exploit his skills.

Bay of Angels - 1963
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageJackie Demaistre (Jeanne Moreau), a compulsive gambler on holiday in Nice, falls in love with Jean Fournier (Claude Mann), a bank clerk who also succumbs to the thrill of the casino. At first, the love affair seems destined for greatness, as does their success at gambling. Relying on each other for luck, however, has its price. When the winning stops, how will Jackie and Jean feel about the romance? This film, with some costuming by designer Pierre Cardin, make a nice entry in the collection of films by noted French New Wave director Jacques Demy, and was restored by his wife, Agnes Varda.

Boiler Room - 2000
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThe film takes a look at the world of "boiler room"--seedy, dishonorable--brokerage firms. The film centers around Seth Davis (Ribisi), a budding underground casino owner in Queens whose life turns upside down when offered employment at J.T. Marlin, a less-than-reputable brokerage firm. Davis' opposition to his disapproving federal judge father drives the plot as Davis goes deeper into the operation at J.T. Marlin than he'd like, learning how the firm scams its clients. The company runs a sort of ponzi scheme, similar to "pump and dump". The scheme works by pumping up a new IPO's price by creating artificial demand, cashing in, then reinvesting much of the earnings in yet another IPO.

21 - 2008
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageBased on the true story of the MIT 6. 21 chronicles the events that made the MIT 6 (in)famous in the world of Blackjack and casinos. Unable to enter the casino's himself Prof. Rosa recruits 5 of the brightest math stars at MIT and teaches them how to be come count cards experts. On weekends the MIT 6 travel to Las Vegas and using fake identities begin to take the casinos for millions. Eventually greed begind to set in and the team begins to fall apart and they are caught by casino security and despite the fact that Card Counting is not illegal, the MIT is punished for what the casino considers cheating.

Bugsy - 1991
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageDirected by Barry Levinson, BUGSY tells the true story of legendary New York mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. Visiting Hollywood "on business," the reckless and volatile Bugsy is drawn to Tinseltown and the glamour of the movies. Leaving his wife and kids in Scarsdale indefinitely, the womanizing Bugsy spends his time on movie lots and at Hollywood extravaganzas, contemplating his own potential stardom. But soon he falls hard for strong-willed actress Virginia Hill (Annette Bening), who isn’t content with mistress status. A road trip to a down-trodden joint in the Nevada desert in a town called Las Vegas leads Bugsy to dream of building a world-class casino and turning the town into a moneymaker. Together Bugsy and Virginia--with backing from the mob--start building The Flamingo hotel and casino, hoping that legal gambling and five-star entertainment will entice the masses and rake in big bucks.

Casino - 1995
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageMartin Scorsese has made better pure gangster flicks. But this based-on-fact movie is still among his best, as it unfolds an insider account of how the Mob, which built Vegas, eventually blew control of it. Scorsese teams again with DeNiro and Pesci, who are Sam "Ace" Rothstein, a Chicago bookie sent to Vegas to run the Tangiers casino for the Mob, and Nicky Santoro, a made guy who finds his way to Vegas and ultimately manages to help muck up the lucrative Tangiers venture. There's also a love triangle involved (isn't there always in a great movie downfall?). Ace's wife Ginger (Oscar nominee Stone), who he coaxed into marriage despite her truthfulness about being in love with her former pimp (James Woods), becomes dangerously bitter about her loveless relationship with Ace and turns to Nicky for advice--among other things. Thuggish Nicky, meanwhile, is up to his usual thieving and head-busting (including one gruesome scene where he puts a man's head in a vise), which, by association, brings further heat down on a license-less Ace. And though Nicky has been engaging in his low-level shenanigans without the official okay from his Chi-Town bosses, his reputation, his dalliance with Ginger and Ace's stubborn refusal to play ball with a license official loses the Mob control of the casino, and eventually the whole Vegas scene. The jackpot scene: Ace's pithy voiceover--over film of the Tangier's money-counting procedure--about how the casino biz legitimized the Mob and gave them free access to legally bilk the punter patrons. "What do you think we're doing out here in the middle of the desert? It's all this money," says Ace. "This is the end result of all the bright lights, the comp trips, of all the champagne and free hotel suites, the broads and all the booze. It's all been just for us to get your money."

Casino Royale - 1967
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThis stupendous spoof of James Bond films tells of the super agent's plans for retirement. When he relinquishes his authority to this bungling nephew, the results are disastrous.

Casino Royale - 2006
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageMonsieur Le Chiffre, "the cipher", is an agent for the Soviet assassination bureau SMERSH, running a baccarat game at a French casino to raise needed operational funds—namely, to recover SMERSH's money that he lost in a failed attempt to establish a chain of brothels.Expert baccarat player James Bond (British secret agent 007) is assigned the job of beating Le Chiffre, in the hope that the Russian agent's gambling debts will provoke SMERSH into killing him. After hours of intensive play, Bond manages to beat Le Chiffre, but only with extra money provided by Felix Leiter of the CIA, who is in attendance as a covert observer.Bond has been provided with an assistant, the beautiful but emotionally turbulent Vesper Lynd, who becomes his lover. But she is holding a terrible secret — she is actually a Russian double agent, under orders to see that Bond does not escape Le Chiffre. With her unwilling connivance, Bond is captured and tortured by Le Chiffre, but Le Chiffre is assassinated by SMERSH. After Bond's recovery, during which he expresses an intention to resign from the Service, he spends his convalescence with Vesper Lynd, but becomes suspicious of her. Vesper commits suicide and her body is discovered by Bond, who reports to his superiors, tersely: "The bitch is dead now."

Breaking Vegas - 2004
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageBased on Ben Mizrich's bestselling book BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE, BREAKING VEGAS tells the true story of six nerdy college students from MIT--including Mizrich himself--who used their genius math skills to win millions of dollars at Las Vegas casinos. The History Channel's thrilling documentary recounts Mizrich's amazing story through archival footage, dramatic reenactments, and interviews with the former students, casino executives, security experts, gamblers, and Vegas historians.

Gambling City - 1974
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageSergio Martino deviates from his more well-known position within the giallo canon, to deliver this thriller of risk and romance written by frequent collaborator Ernasto Gastalki. Luca Altieri is a mysterious newcomer to the underground world of Milan's nightclubs and private casinos, but his success at the card table is quickly becoming legendary. He has attracted attention from "The President," the most powerful kingpin of the underworld, who isn't sure he likes this new threat to his territory. Moreover, Luca falls madly in love with the boss's son's girlfriend (supermodel Dale Haddon), and suddenly he's just asking for trouble. Now he must beat the odds and get out of town with his money and his woman before all Hell breaks loose. Shot on location with the beautiful scenery of Milan and the French Riviera, this fast-paced thriller is laced with humor, and proves that the director's dalliance with lighter fare was indeed well-advised.

Indecent Proposal - 1993
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageAdrian Lyne buffs the premise of Honeymoon in Vegas to a fine gloss in this yuppie melodrama that poses the conundrum of whether the loving husband of an equally loving wife will accept $1 million to allow his wife to spend one night with a billionaire who looks like Robert Redford. All the cynics please take a number and form a line at the right. Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson play Diana and David Murphy, high-school sweethearts who marry and who are doing very well -- Diana is a successful real-estate agent, and David is an idealistic architect who has built a dream house by the ocean -- until the recession hits. Suddenly, David loses his job, and they can't make the mortgage payments. Dead broke, they borrow $5000 from David's father and head to Las Vegas to try to win money to pay the mortgage on their house. At first, they get $25,000 ahead -- but inevitably the house always wins, and they end up losing it all. While Diana is in the fancy casino boutique trying to lift some candy, she is spotted by billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford), who is immediately attracted to her. John invites Diana and David to an opulent party, and it is there that John offers David $1 million for a night with his wife. David is wracked by this moral dilemma, but Diana finally makes the decision on her own, with ensuing consequences for their ideal marriage and their bank account.

Intacto - 2002
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageWith INTACTO, from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, a group of people who have "the gift" of being extremely lucky play into a suspenseful world of gambling and superstition. The film begins and ends in the Canary Islands, where ringleader Sam (Max von Sydow), a Holocaust survivor, runs a casino. His right-hand man Federico (Eusebio Poncela) is stripped of "the gift" in a terrifying exchange that Federico sees as worse than death: Sam hugs him and in doing so steals his luck away. Desperate for revenge, Federico latches onto Tomas (Leonard Sbaraglia), the miraculous sole survivor of an airplane crash. He convinces Tomas to test his luck in various games (one involves running full-speed, blindfolded, through a heavily wooded forest to see if he is "lucky" enough to avoid running into a tree.) By training Tomas to be a winner, Federico hopes to eventually have him challenge Sam. Thrown into the complicated mix are an untouchable bullfighter (Antonio Dechent), and an auto accident survivor (Monica Lopez) who want to break up this obsessive gambling ring. INTACTO uses its stirring orchestral score by Lucio Godoy, its puzzling plotline, its bleak desert settings, and its fast-moving nighttime driving scenes to create a mood of mystery and intrigue.

Jinxed - 1982
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageA comedy about a casino gambler in the fictitious city of Loserville, USA, who becomes the victim of a ruthless gambler. A black comedy about a Las Vegas lounge singer, the lout she lives with, and a young blackjack dealer the lout has managed to jinx at his own table. Director Don Siegel's last film.

Kaleidoscope - 1966
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageA cardsharp comes up with the ultimate system for beating the casinos at their own game in this high-style caper comedy. Barney Lincoln (Warren Beatty) is a footloose playboy with a taste for gambling and an ingenious scheme for winning at the leading casinos in Europe. Barney discovers that nearly all of the major gambling houses use playing cards manufactured by the same company; by breaking into their plant and subtly altering the printing plates, he's able to mark the cards with a code only he can read, and he is soon pulling in record winnings across the continent. However, Barney's secret is discovered by his girlfriend Angel McGinnis (Suzannah York), a successful fashion designer, which might not be a problem if her father, "Manny" McGinnis (Clive Revill) weren't a top inspector at Scotland Yard. Manny approaches Barney and makes him a deal -- he won't reveal his secret about the cards if Barney will help him catch Harry Dominion (Eric Porter), a high-level international drug trafficker. Unfortunately, Barney's sleuthing goes awry after a certain amount of initial success, and when Harry gets wind of what he's been doing, he retaliates by kidnapping Angel and demanding repayment of his loss of sales.

Ocean's Eleven - 2001
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageGeorge Clooney's all-star remake of the Rat Pack romp is as much a heist film as it is a gambling flick. Along with the pure fun of seeing such an array of talent gathered on one screen, the movie is also a great look at the intricate security measures of a modern Vegas casino. Clooney is con artist Danny Ocean, who's barely out on parole when he's planning his next big gig: he and pal Rusty (Pitt) will assemble a skilled crew of thieves--including cool cats Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac and Carl Reiner--to bypass an impossible series of high-tech security measures and bust into a main vault holding $150 million from three casinos (the Bellagio, MGM Grand and Mirage) on the night of a heavyweight boxing bout. Ocean has another agenda: the casinos his crew will hit are owned by tough guy Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), who's dating Danny's ex, Tess (Roberts). Danny not only wants his share of the $150 mil, he wants Tess back and Benedict humiliated by the public loss of cash and girl. "When that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, then you take the house," Danny tells Rusty. The jackpot scene: Director Steven Soderbergh's exciting, cleverly choreographed heist scene, which involves gaining access to casino money cages, passing through a set of locked doors with codes that change twice a day, getting down an elevator that requires fingerprint identification (and which is surrounded by motion detectors), voice confirmation from two security sources and the nimble maneuverings of a 95-pound Chinese acrobat. Not to mention slipping past two uzi-armed guards and "the most elaborate vault door conceived by man."

Ocean's Twelve - 2004
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageBack in slick style, OCEAN'S TWELVE reintroduces Ocean (George Clooney) and his perfectly trained team of con men, who are determined to take on Europe. Dividing forces to hit Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, the heist-meisters move beyond casinos to tackle new objectives, one of which involves stealing a famous painting. With OCEAN'S TWELVE, Steven Soderbergh re-teams with his high profile friends for another glamorous romp through the high-stakes underworld. Three years after Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his crew robbed Las Vegas casino tycoon Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) of one hundred sixty million dollars, Benedict has finally tracked them down. He gives them a two-week ultimatum to come up with the money or suffer the consequences. Knowing that the odds are stacked against them, the gang nonetheless heads to Amsterdam for a big heist. But what no one realizes is that ultra-smooth Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) has ulterior motives for leading the gang to Amsterdam. Turns out his former flame, Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones), is living and working there tracking criminals such as Ocean and French master Francois Toulour (Vincent Cassel), better known as "The Night Fox." Threatened by the universally admired eleven, Toulour challenges Ocean to a dangerous museum heist that will either make or break the gang once and for all. It's up to Tess Ocean (Julia Roberts) to fly into town and bail the boys out of trouble. Every frame of OCEAN'S TWELVE is bursting with gleeful energy, as is the film's soundtrack, provided by acclaimed musician David Holmes.

Ocean's Thirteen - 2008?
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageDanny Ocean and friends have some fin in the third part in the Ocean's casino movie trilogy. Due out in 2008 – Plot TBA.

Owning Mahowny - 2003
Gambling Movie Thumbnail Imageis based on a true story about a bank executive who committed the largest one man fraud in Canadian history. The movie was released in 2003 and is set in the time of 1980-1982 when the actual events occurred. This movie is based on the book “Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony” by Gary Stephen Ross that tells the real story of Brian Molony which the character of Dan Mahowny is based upon. Dan Mahowny is a mild mannered bank executive with an addiction to gambling. His job gives him access to a 20 million account. When he encounters a losing streak he “borrows” from this account and eventually takes 10.2 million dollars over an 18 month period to fuel his gambling addiction. The story is dark and disturbing as it deals with the subject of gambling addiction. Like most addicts Dan Mahowny is in denial. When confronted by his girl friend about his gambling, he tells "I don't have a gambling problem. I have a financial problem." What is even more disturbing is the way the greedy casino executives coax and encourage him to remain gambling. At one point the casino flies “the cage” from Atlantic City to Toronto to get a signature which would allow Mahowny money to gambling with. This took place in 1980 and a lot has changed but some of the tactics used by the casinos remain today.

Showgirls - 1995
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageHigh-strung, statuesque Nomi Mallone (Elizabeth Berkely) is determined to be a dancer in Las Vegas, whatever it takes--but she starts out as a stripper. Through her seamstress roommate (Gina Ravera), Nomi catches the attention of the voracious bisexual Cristal (Gina Gershon), star of an extravagant pagan sex show called "Goddess" which plays nightly at the swanky Stardust Casino. Through Cristal's influence, Nomi gets a chance to audition for "Goddess" and is soon involved in all sorts of sordid backstage goings-on, including bitchy dueling with Cristal over Stardust head honcho Zack (Kyle McLachlan). Maligned by many critics upon its original release, SHOWGIRLS has since become a true camp classic, revived for midnight showings and beloved for its decadence, high nudity yield, and outrageously catty dialogue (courtesy of screenwriter Joe Eszterhas). Its director is Paul Verhoeven (ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL), so one can safely assume SHOWGIRLS' over-the-top hostility and sexuality is meant to be a satire of American culture. One of the first big-budget Hollywood movies to be released with an NC-17 rating, its lack of box office success meant few others would have the guts to follow.

The Cooler - 2003
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageWhen the Born Loser falls in love, what happens to the lifetime of bad luck that's been the one consistent thing in his life? It changes to good luck and the only thing he's able to count on is the chaos that ensues ... Macy is Bernie Lootz, whose mere presence is such a buzzkill that he's paid to be a casino "cooler," a man who sidles up and puts a kibosh on any hot streak. Then he falls into a sweet relationship with waitress Natalie (Bello), and all of a sudden, his dead plants are perking up, his missing cat reappears and Bernie's good luck seems to be contagious for everyone in the casino. Tough guy casino boss Shelly (Oscar nominee Baldwin), of course, is displeased with his cooler's new lady luck. And a messy situation with Bernie's scamming son re-ups Bernie's almost paid gambling debt to the mobster, halting Bernie's plans to flee Vegas with Natalie ... until, in a delicious bit of irony, Bernie and Natalie are saved by a huge case of someone else's bad luck. The jackpot scene: Shelly's bathroom scene with an Ivy League business whiz (Ron Livingston), who's been sent to nudge old school Shelly out of the operation. It's a vicious, but satisfying confrontation that seals both Shelly's doom and Bernie's hopeful future.

The Good Thief - 2002
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageIrish director Neil Jordan (THE CRYING GAME, MICHAEL COLLINS) and veteran actor Nick Nolte combine their talents for this breezy heist picture. Bob (Nolte) is a retired master thief and gambler living as an expatriot in France. His past robberies are the stuff of underworld legend, but he's given it all up, and fallen into a twilight life of heroin addiction and seedy gambling dens. Then a chance encounter with an attractive young runaway (Nutsa Kukhianidze) inspires him to clean up his act and take one last big job; an elaborate modern art heist at a swanky Riviera casino. Standing in his way is a cagey police inspector (Tchéky Karyo) who is determined to bring him down, even though the two are longtime friends. The twisty caper plotting compliments a fun cast (including Emir Kusturica and Gérard Darmon as two of Bob's brothers in crime), clever dialogue, stylish direction, and pretty Riviera scenery. Loosely modeled on Jean Pierre Melville's BOB LE FLAMBEUR, this is something of a pet project for Jordan and it's obvious he's invested himself into every detail of the production. The result is both elegant and warmly quirky. As for Nolte, he seems to be having a terrific time; the charming old rascal role fits him perfectly, and Kukhianidze proves his match with an aplomb beyond her years. Ralph Fiennes has a small role as a disreputable art dealer.

Top of the World - 1997
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageLovely Tia Carrere's ex-cop ex-husband (Peter Weller) goes to Las Vegas to try and win her back after a stint in the slammer. Too bad she's hooked up with bad boy casino owner Dennis Hopper, who doesn't waste time making Weller's life hell.

Viva Las Vegas - 1964
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageOkay, so it's not technically a movie about gambling. It is all about the oeuvre of Las Vegas, and it's chock full of casinos and dazzling showgirl showrooms! In the most successful of his many cheesy movies, Elvis is Lucky Jackson, a racer who's breezed into town to take his chances in the Grand Prix. The real deal: It's all a thinly plotted excuse to put E in a fast car, in a fast town, with a fast lady: gorgeous and feisty swim instructor Rusty (Ann-Margret, who was gettin' lucky with Elvis off-screen during production). And we can't forget the dance sequences and fast tunes, including the hip-swinging couple's duet on "The Lady Loves Me" (the one where Elvis ends up in the pool), "What'd I Say" (the one with E and A-M in their matching yellow outfits) and, of course, "Viva Las Vegas," the unofficial song of Sin City. The jackpot scene: The big race, which takes the drivers right down the middle of the brightly lit Strip and around the Hoover Dam. Do Elvis and his hunka hunka speeding metal finish the contest victorious? Duh.

Binion's Poker Series - Volume 1 - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImagePoker runs in the Binion family, as host Benny Binion's grandfather was the owner of the esteemed Horseshoe Casino in Vegas and started the World Series of Poker. In this series, Binion gives top players a forum for revealing their secrets to viewers. This first volume offers advice from five-time world champion Layne Flack, who imparts the skills for winning at home, in tournaments, or online.

Blackjack, Slots, and Craps Winning Strategies - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThe three programs included here will give gamblers the skills necessary to increase their winnings in the games of Blackjack, Slots, and Craps. Before hitting the strip, players are advised to study the methods here, all tried and tested by Frank Scoblete, best-selling author of several gaming guides. In the Blackjack section, instructors demonstrate when to hit, stand, and fold. Tested on a computer, the strategies are proven to lengthen the game and stretch the wallet. Players will learn how to increase wins and avoid unnecessary losses. Slot players will surely benefit from the second segment, which focuses on how to choose which machines to play. By knowing which machines to steer clear of, players will automatically increase their odds of winning. Experts also clear up common misunderstandings about Slots that might be harming one's game. In a section specifically designed for the Craps player, Craps enthusiasts explain how to best deal with aggressive betting, how to take full advantage of the casino's complimentary services, and how to know when it's worth taking a chance.

Champion Fundamentals - Going All In - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageTexas Hold 'Em is one of the most popular casino games; it is both easy for beginners to learn, and, once mastered, a possible outlet for strategizing of almost infinite complexity. Four ace players lay out the fundamentals of the game here, sharing the experts' tips on how to succeed at the game, as well as the basics of reading the board, managing your chips, and bluffing. Learn how to hold your own in Texas Hold 'Em!

ESPN: The 2003 World Series of Poker - Season 1 - 2003
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThe World Series of Poker is held every year at Harrah's Horseshoe Casino, and is looked forward to year-round by poker enthusiasts. Begun in 1970 by Benny Binion, it has grown in audience and participation numbers, and offers 33 events for players to flex their gambling muscles in pursuit of the multi-million dollar prize. A marathon game that isn't over until one player holds all the chips, it is inevitably an exciting, suspenseful, and often surprising competition that ultimately determines the world champion of poker. 2003 marked a particularly momentous occasion in the history of the world's premiere poker event, when Chris Moneymaker, who made it to the table through a satellite competition entered for $40, and walked away a millionaire. Competing against over 800 of the world's best professional poker players, the 27-year-old Moneymaker was the most unlikely champion in poker history, and now ESPN has made the entire competition available for home viewing without commercial interruption. Audiences can watch the impossible play out before their eyes, observing the mixture of skill, luck, and strategy that made one man's dreams come true!

Fun-To-Know - Casino Games - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThis instructional program takes viewers through the ins and outs of every major casino game. Anyone thinking of betting would be wise to check out the advice here first, as FUN-TO-KNOW: CASINO GAMES covers casino etiquette, money-saving techniques, and specific instructions for playing roulette, black jack, craps, poker, baccarat, and the slot machines.

Howard Lederer - "Tells" All - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail Image"Poker Professor" Howard Lederer gives students the lowdown on picking up on opponents' "tells," the little tics that give away whether or not someone has a good hand. Lederer concentrates on the wildly popular game of Texas No-Limit Hold 'Em, a game that is both approachable for beginners, and amenable to an infinite amount of strategizing and complexities. Useful for players remaining at home, as well as those traveling to casinos or even tournaments, these tips will help players to spot bluffs from every corner.

Masters of the Casino Series - How to Conquer Online Poker - 2004
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageWinner of the 2003 World Series Chris Moneymaker, and Hall-of-Famer Tom McEvoy explain the ins and outs of online poker in this edition of the MASTERS OF THE CASINO series. The internet has opened up new possibilities for poker players, but also new risks. While the strategies here will improve any player's game on or off the web, HOW TO CONQUER ONLINE POKER also provides many tips that are specific to the world of internet gambling.

Masters of the Casino Series - The Keys to Position and Calculating the Odds - 2004
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageWith actual tournaments being broadcast on television and online versions taking the Internet by storm, poker has become America's new national pastime. The MASTERS OF THE CASINO series helps viewers sharpen their game with tips from the best poker players in the world, including 2003 World series of Poker Champion Chris Moneymaker and Poker Hall of Famer Tom McEvoy. In this volume, Moneymaker and McEvoy reveal strategies for positioning and calculating odds in Texas Hold'em.

Play to Win Collection Set: Blackjack, Craps, Slots - 1999
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageHow does one learn the secrets and tips of winners in the casino? Just pick up this instructional set which teaches how to play to WIN at Blackjack, Craps, and the Slots.

Howard Lederer - More Secrets Of No Limit Hold Em - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageHoward Lederer finishes what he began in his first how-to video, SECRETS OF TEXAS NO-LIMIT HOLD 'EM, helping the ambitious poker player achieve the heights of his or her potential with true insider's tips. Learn how to spot your opponents' tells, bluffs, and strategies, and hear stories from real championship games. You'll hear about more advanced notions, like suited connectors and slow play, bringing you up to snuff for play in any context, whether at home, in a casino, or at a tournament.

Winning Strategies - Texas Hold'em Poker - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageAuthor of several instructional Poker manuals, and founder of his own University of Poker, Mike Caro is known all over the world for his vast knowledge of the game. Hosting this program from the Poker room at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Caro offers some great insights into the mindset behind success. Designed for beginners, TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER introduces key concepts that can be applied to matches played in a casino or on the Internet. Caro covers all the Poker basics, in addition to teaching viewers how to predict what their competitors have in their hands, and techniques for benefiting from an opponent's weakness.

ESPN: The 2003 World Series of Poker - Season 1 - 2003
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThe World Series of Poker is held every year at Harrah's Horseshoe Casino, and is looked forward to year-round by poker enthusiasts. Begun in 1970 by Benny Binion, it has grown in audience and participation numbers, and offers 33 events for players to flex their gambling muscles in pursuit of the multi-million dollar prize. A marathon game that isn't over until one player holds all the chips, it is inevitably an exciting, suspenseful, and often surprising competition that ultimately determines the world champion of poker. 2003 marked a particularly momentous occasion in the history of the world's premiere poker event, when Chris Moneymaker, who made it to the table through a satellite competition entered for $40, and walked away a millionaire. Competing against over 800 of the world's best professional poker players, the 27-year-old Moneymaker was the most unlikely champion in poker history, and now ESPN has made the entire competition available for home viewing without commercial interruption. Audiences can watch the impossible play out before their eyes, observing the mixture of skill, luck, and strategy that made one man's dreams come true!

Las Vegas - 2002-200?
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageOne of television's slickest and most entertaining shows, LAS VEGAS looks at the inner workings of one of the biggest casinos in the city of sin. Filmed on a nearly complete replica of the real-life Mandalay Bay, one of the largest sets ever built for a television program, LAS VEGAS centers on Big Ed Deline (James Caan), operator of the Montecito Casino. He employs a specialized staff of security personnel as well as a high-tech surveillance system to catch the cheaters and schemers who enter the facility.

Tilt - The Complete First Season - 2004
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageFrom the writers of the hit film ROUNDERS comes ESPN's thrilling, new original series TILT. In the dark back rooms of Las Vegas' gambling underworld, Don "The Matador" Everest (Michael Madsen) is king. But, as the World Poker Championships approach, three professional players will team up to try to take him down. In their world of constant misdirection, the stakes prove even higher outside the familiar walls of the casino. Experience every episode of TILT's spectacular first season, complete with deleted scenes, an alternate season finale, and never-before-seen footage from The World Series Of Poker. It's a winning hand of drama and excitement you can bet on. ESPN has jumped into cable television's original series pool with the poker drama TILT. With the World Poker Championship coming up, a group of players have begun to gather around The Colorado Casino in the city of sin, Las Vegas. At the center of the storm is Don "The Matador" Everest (Michael Madsen), recognized as either the world's best poker player or an unrepentant cheater, depending on who you ask. Eddie, Miami, and Clark are three young gamblers looking for revenge against the boastful Everest after the expert cleaned them out, while corrupt cop Lee Nickel believes Everest may know something about the murder of his brother. Moving from the bright lights of the Las Vegas casinos to the dark alleys of the criminal underworld, TILT has action that ranges from tense poker matches to fast paced shootouts. It was created by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, writers of the gambling film ROUNDERS.

Ocean's 11 - 1960
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThe first motion picture that casts the infamous "Rat Pack" in major roles, "Oceans 11." Playing an ex-WWII soldier, Sinatra's Danny Ocean plans the greatest heist in history: Rob five Las Vegas casinos at once on New Year's Eve. It's a bold plot for a bold cast. There's Frank with his "I own the world" charisma. There's Sammy Davis Jr. with his usual flair for the song and dance routine. "Deano" Dean Martin also croons in the picture, and Peter Lawford, the only non-singer of the four main Rat Packers, still holds the audience with his charm and wit. This film shows what Las Vegas was like when it was an "adults only" city. This was when Sinatra and his boys ruled Vegas, and we should be thankful that they had the foresight to put some of the flavor of the times on film.

Croupier - 1998
Gambling Movie Thumbnail Image"You have to make the choice in life: be a gambler or a croupier, and then live with your decision," says Jack Manfred, the writer/croupier in director Mike Hodges' (Get Carter) terrific film noir-ish character study that gives us a peek at the London gambling scene. There's no flashing neon, Elvis impersonator or choreographed water fountain in the high-roller casino where unsuccessful author Jack (Owen) toils. In fact, with its mirrored walls, cheesy carpeting and outdated furniture, this joint looks more like a New Jersey wedding reception hall than a typical casino. But the lure of the lifestyle is the same, and despite Jack's choice to stick with dealing blackjack and other card games and steer clear of gambling beyond his job, life deals him another hand. Jack's voiceover--usually an annoying movie device that's actually very effective here--reveals much more than his steely outward demeanor does, including his plans to turn his experiences at the casino into a book that eventually becomes a best seller. He also begins to immerse himself into his book's plot, to the point of losing his girlfriend, breaking the workplace rules against sleeping with co-workers and fraternizing with the patrons, and gambling himself. Just as Jack's casino is not the flashing gambling hole we're used to seeing on the big screen, Croupier is not the flashy gambling thriller we're used to seeing on the big screen. And that's a good thing. The jackpot scene: Jack's croupier audition. In one slick scene, he deftly and quickly separates a pile of casino chips and susses out the fact that his boss can't count while showing his own card dealing proficiency. It's quietly exciting in the movie's trademark understated tone.

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