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One Way Out - 2002

Jim Belushi is Harry Woltz, a homicide detective with a serious gambling addiction. When he finds himself greatly indebted to the Russell brothers--the dangerous owners of a seedy club--Harry is unable to pay up. With the exception of paying with his blood, the Russells give Harry one option--help them plan a murder.

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Top Three Gambling Movies

Here are our picks for the top three gambling movies for today.
Welcome to my page of the latest Feature Movie Reviews. This page will be constantly updated with three new movie descriptions for those of you who don't really know where to start when looking for a gambling movie. Here, you'll find three great gambling movies, picked from the extensive list of gambling movies on this site. Hopefully this short list will at least give you at starting point if you want to watch a gambling movie. On the other hand, you might just be looking for a new gambling movie to watch, and this page might just give you the title of one you've never watched before. Or you saw it long ago, and have forgotten about it until now, that is. So have a look at this list of gambling movies, and if you have a gambling movie in mind that you think should be featured on this page. I'll definitely take your suggestion into account when I'm renewing the information on this page. Enjoy!
Strip Poker Invitational - 2005
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageSTRIP POKER INVITATIONAL combines two perennial guy favorites--naked ladies and card games--into one thrillingly racy concoction. Watch as hostess Carmen Electra leads six lingerie-clad lovelies in a rousing game of strip poker that gets more enticing with each up of the ante. Originally aired as a pay-per-view event, the erotic television special is presented in an uncut and uncensored format with bonus footage of behind-the-scenes antics.

Friends - Season 5 - 1994
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageThe fifth season of FRIENDS is probably one of their most entertaining seasons made ever!!! This season contains a lot of funny moments and shows a clear development of relationships between the characters as well. Whether it be Phoebe giving birth to the triplets or Ross moving into the ugly naked guy's apartment, Rachel avoiding to put the eyedrops for her infection or Joey getting a job at Caesar's in Vegas, this season is fun-filled and very entertaining. We also get to see how the relationship between Chandler and Monica develop, from the first episode to the cliffhanger episode at the very end where Monica and Chandler play craps to decide if they should get married. Here is a list of the episodes in this season: 01.The One After Ross Says Rachel, 02.The One With All The Kissing, 03.The One Hundredth, 04.The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS, 05.The One With The Kips, 06.The One With The Yeti, 07.The One Where Ross Moves In, 08.The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks, 09.The One With Ross's Sandwich, 10.The One With The Inappropriate Sister, 11.The One With All The Resolutions, 12.The One With Chandler's Work Laugh, 13.The One With Joey's Bag, 14.The One Where Everybody Finds Out, 15.The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey, 16.The One With The Cop, 17.The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss, 18.The One Where Rachel Smokes, 19.The One Where Ross Can't Flirt, 20.The One With The Ride Along, 21.The One With The Ball, 22.The One With Joey's Big Break, 23.The One In Vegas (1), 24.The One In Vegas (2).

Casino - 1995
Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageMartin Scorsese has made better pure gangster flicks. But this based-on-fact movie is still among his best, as it unfolds an insider account of how the Mob, which built Vegas, eventually blew control of it. Scorsese teams again with DeNiro and Pesci, who are Sam "Ace" Rothstein, a Chicago bookie sent to Vegas to run the Tangiers casino for the Mob, and Nicky Santoro, a made guy who finds his way to Vegas and ultimately manages to help muck up the lucrative Tangiers venture. There's also a love triangle involved (isn't there always in a great movie downfall?). Ace's wife Ginger (Oscar nominee Stone), who he coaxed into marriage despite her truthfulness about being in love with her former pimp (James Woods), becomes dangerously bitter about her loveless relationship with Ace and turns to Nicky for advice--among other things. Thuggish Nicky, meanwhile, is up to his usual thieving and head-busting (including one gruesome scene where he puts a man's head in a vise), which, by association, brings further heat down on a license-less Ace. And though Nicky has been engaging in his low-level shenanigans without the official okay from his Chi-Town bosses, his reputation, his dalliance with Ginger and Ace's stubborn refusal to play ball with a license official loses the Mob control of the casino, and eventually the whole Vegas scene. The jackpot scene: Ace's pithy voiceover--over film of the Tangier's money-counting procedure--about how the casino biz legitimized the Mob and gave them free access to legally bilk the punter patrons. "What do you think we're doing out here in the middle of the desert? It's all this money," says Ace. "This is the end result of all the bright lights, the comp trips, of all the champagne and free hotel suites, the broads and all the booze. It's all been just for us to get your money."

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