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The Good Thief - 2002

Irish director Neil Jordan THE CRYING GAME MICHAEL COLLINS and veteran actor Nick Nolte combine their talents for this breezy heist picture Bob Nolte is a retired master thief and gambler living as an expatriot in France His past robberies are the stuff of underworld legend but he's given it all up and fallen into a twilight life of heroin addiction and seedy gambling dens … Continue

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Roulette Movies

Here are some gambling movies that have to do with Roulette.
Roulette is one of the classiest games at the casino, so the gambling movies that feature roulette are usually pretty classy too. A roulette is usually the first image that comes to mind when anyone mentions a casino. It's like the universal symbol for gambling. The gambling movies on this page all have something to do with roulette, so if you're interested in the game of roulette and want to see how it's played, you'll have to check out one or all of these roulette gambling movies. Just imagine yourself placing a huge bet on red 12, and coming up a winner. Have you ever heard about that guy who sold everything he owned and placed a bet on black and won? If there isn't a movie about that then there should be! If you have seen a roulette gambling movie that isn't listed here, please , and I'll add it as soon as I can. Enjoy!