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Breaking Vegas - 2004

Based on Ben Mizrich's bestselling book BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE BREAKING VEGAS tells the true story of six nerdy college students from MIT--including Mizrich himself--who used their genius math skills to win millions of dollars at Las Vegas casinos The History Channel's thrilling documentary recounts Mizrich's amazing story through archival footage dramatic reenactments and interviews with the former students casino executives security experts gamblers and … Continue

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Casino Royale - 2006

Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageMonsieur Le Chiffre, "the cipher", is an agent for the Soviet assassination bureau SMERSH, running a baccarat game at a French casino to raise needed operational funds—namely, to recover SMERSH's money that he lost in a failed attempt to establish a chain of brothels.Expert baccarat player James Bond (British secret agent 007) is assigned the job of beating Le Chiffre, in the hope that the Russian agent's gambling debts will provoke SMERSH into killing him. After hours of intensive play, Bond manages to beat Le Chiffre, but only with extra money provided by Felix Leiter of the CIA, who is in attendance as a covert observer.Bond has been provided with an assistant, the beautiful but emotionally turbulent Vesper Lynd, who becomes his lover. But she is holding a terrible secret — she is actually a Russian double agent, under orders to see that Bond does not escape Le Chiffre. With her unwilling connivance, Bond is captured and tortured by Le Chiffre, but Le Chiffre is assassinated by SMERSH. After Bond's recovery, during which he expresses an intention to resign from the Service, he spends his convalescence with Vesper Lynd, but becomes suspicious of her. Vesper commits suicide and her body is discovered by Bond, who reports to his superiors, tersely: "The bitch is dead now."

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