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Shade - 2004

Set in the underground world of Los Angeles card sharks and gamblers this slick neo-noir is a gripping ensemble drama that pays homage to hard-boiled heist directors like Mamet and Scorsese SHADE a gambling term for deception and trickery revolves around a ring of small-time hustlers with dreams of the big payoff Tiffany Thandie Newton is a beautiful and calculating swindler who works together with … Continue

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - 1998

Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageAside from the wild ride we enjoy with a set of four friends who are trying to find a way to pay off a poker game gone wrong, director/writer Guy Ritchie's stylish film debut features an ending so clever that it manages to outshine the whole fantastic movie. But half the fun is getting there: Tom (Flemyng), Bacon (Statham), Soap (Dexter Fletcher) and Eddie (Nick Moran) pool 100,000 cash (much of it ill-gotten) to stake Eddie in a high-stakes poker game with local kingpin Hatchet Harry. But little do the pals know that Harry has fixed the game ahead of time--and what seemed like a sure thing has instead left them 800,000 in debt to Harry, with just a week to raise the cash before he starts breaking body parts on each of them. Their next scheme: to rob Eddie's next-door-neighbors, who happen to be drug dealers. But they're not the only ones with their eyes on that particular jackpot, and the fact that the neighbors are the most bumbling drug dealers on the planet thwarts everyone's plans and saves most of their lives. The jackpot scene: That ending. Tom, Bacon, Soap and Eddie somehow manage to escape with appendages intact, but their misdirected focus, despite Tom's fascination with a pair of antique guns, means they may haplessly miss their only real chance at snagging a small fortune.