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Howard Lederer - More Secrets Of No Limit Hold Em - 2005

Howard Lederer finishes what he began in his first how-to video SECRETS OF TEXAS NO-LIMIT HOLD 'EM helping the ambitious poker player achieve the heights of his or her potential with true insider's tips Learn how to spot your opponents' tells bluffs and strategies and hear stories from real championship games You'll hear about more advanced notions like suited connectors and slow play bringing you … Continue

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Passionada - 2003

Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageSet in the small fishing village of New Bedford, Massachusetts, this romantic comedy is a multi-generational tale of a Portuguese-American woman who is coaxed out of mourning by her daughter and mother-in-law. Celia (Sofia Milos) is a 37-year-old widow who lost her husband to a fishing accident seven years earlier. Resigned to a life of celibate heartbreak, she spends her days working at the local textile factory while taking care of her elderly mother-in-law (Lupe Ontiveros) and her rebellious teenage daughter Vicky (Emmy Rossum). Her nights are dedicated to expressing her passion and loss in her performances of "Fado," Portuguese folk music, at a local nightclub. One evening during her performance, Charles Beck (Jason Isaacs), a mysterious British stranger, arrives at the club and is smitten with the lovely torch singer. However, Charles, driving a Jaguar and claiming to be involved in the fishing industry, is not exactly what he seems. He's actually a drifter and professional gambler searching for a safe harbor. At first, Celia refuses to be wooed by the romantic stranger but after her daughter gets involved she begins to soften. What follows is a warmhearted, character-driven romance in the tradition of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING.

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