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Luckytown - 2000

Two kids from Nebraska Lidda Kirsten Dunst and Colonel Vincent Kartheiser set out on a road trip to Las Vegas with individual aspirations Lidda wants to locate her father Charlie Doyles James Caan whom has left home to further pursue his calling as a professional poker player and Colonel dreams of becoming a big time Vegas gambler of his own Along the way the couple … Continue

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Passionada - 2003

Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageSet in the small fishing village of New Bedford, Massachusetts, this romantic comedy is a multi-generational tale of a Portuguese-American woman who is coaxed out of mourning by her daughter and mother-in-law. Celia (Sofia Milos) is a 37-year-old widow who lost her husband to a fishing accident seven years earlier. Resigned to a life of celibate heartbreak, she spends her days working at the local textile factory while taking care of her elderly mother-in-law (Lupe Ontiveros) and her rebellious teenage daughter Vicky (Emmy Rossum). Her nights are dedicated to expressing her passion and loss in her performances of "Fado," Portuguese folk music, at a local nightclub. One evening during her performance, Charles Beck (Jason Isaacs), a mysterious British stranger, arrives at the club and is smitten with the lovely torch singer. However, Charles, driving a Jaguar and claiming to be involved in the fishing industry, is not exactly what he seems. He's actually a drifter and professional gambler searching for a safe harbor. At first, Celia refuses to be wooed by the romantic stranger but after her daughter gets involved she begins to soften. What follows is a warmhearted, character-driven romance in the tradition of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING.

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