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Ocean's Thirteen - 2008?

Danny Ocean and friends have some fin in the third part in the Ocean's casino movie trilogy. Due out in 2008 Plot TBA.

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The Cooler - 2003

Gambling Movie Thumbnail ImageWhen the Born Loser falls in love, what happens to the lifetime of bad luck that's been the one consistent thing in his life? It changes to good luck and the only thing he's able to count on is the chaos that ensues ... Macy is Bernie Lootz, whose mere presence is such a buzzkill that he's paid to be a casino "cooler," a man who sidles up and puts a kibosh on any hot streak. Then he falls into a sweet relationship with waitress Natalie (Bello), and all of a sudden, his dead plants are perking up, his missing cat reappears and Bernie's good luck seems to be contagious for everyone in the casino. Tough guy casino boss Shelly (Oscar nominee Baldwin), of course, is displeased with his cooler's new lady luck. And a messy situation with Bernie's scamming son re-ups Bernie's almost paid gambling debt to the mobster, halting Bernie's plans to flee Vegas with Natalie ... until, in a delicious bit of irony, Bernie and Natalie are saved by a huge case of someone else's bad luck. The jackpot scene: Shelly's bathroom scene with an Ivy League business whiz (Ron Livingston), who's been sent to nudge old school Shelly out of the operation. It's a vicious, but satisfying confrontation that seals both Shelly's doom and Bernie's hopeful future.

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